Romano Hänni X ZigZagZurich

Signs & Symbols 
Romano Hänni is a Swiss artist and typographer, experimenting with unusual composition of symbols since 1980s. The bedding "Words make the infinite finite" is the textile translation of Hänni's book hand printed in black, red and blue ink. Romano Hänni can be considered a master of visual poetry. Although language can be explanatory, he believes that only signs and symbols evoke notions. Without signs or symbols, even the most modern of world views becomes impoverished. 
"Words make the infinite finite" bedding by Romano Hänni
Production process of the book "Words make the infinite finite": from the first hand sketch to the hand composing of the printing forms in lead and brass lines to the printing on the hand proofing press.

Roland Schär X ZigZagZurich

Roland Schär
Rhythms, Colours and Textures
Roland Schär is a visual artist and designer born in Zurich, Switzerland. He studied art history in Zurich and Paris and painting in Toulouse, France. His work has been shown in many exhibitions in Europe and Asia. Since 2007 he teaches graphics and textile design at the National School of Decorative Arts (ENSAD) in Paris, where he is also Head of the textile department since 2012. Schär's work shows the reminiscence of landscapes seen and materials observed: rythms, colors and textures are combined in a game of proportions. The shapes of the colours meet and connect from side to side of the fabric in a free and spontaneous painting movement. 
Panoramas bedding by Roland Schär
PANORAMAS bedding by Roland Schär
Strokes bedding by Roland Schär
STROKES bedding by Roland Schär
Waves bedding by Roland Schär
WAVES bedding by Roland Schär
Roland Schär studio

Julia Heuer X ZigZagZurich

Dynamic prints and artisanal plissé

Julia Heuer is best known for her dynamic prints and artisanal handmade plissé which she creates for her fashion brand Julia Heuer sold worldwide in the most exclusive stores. Heuer’s work is characterized by a playful mix of bold patterns and vibrant colours. She creates unique prints for various fashion houses such as Christian Dior, Comme des Garçons, Calvin Klein and others. Most recently, Heuer was awarded the prestigious Swiss Design Prize in 2016 for her collection Adobe Indigo. For ZigZagZurich she designed stunning beddings that present brilliant color gradients, lighting effects, smooth and organic shapes in a perfect aesthetic dialogue.

Morena bedding by Julia Heuer

MORENA bedding by Julia Heuer

Sobros bedding by Julia Heuer

SOBROS bedding by Julia Heuer

Julia Heuer

Style your home for Halloween

No tricks, only treats!
Haunt your house this Halloween
Artist Cotton Blanket: X Marks The Spot by Michele Rondelli
Baby Alpaca Blanket: Heater grey 
Baby Alpaca Blanket: Black
Pom Pom Towel: Balck stripes 
Artist Cotton Blanket: Unafraid by Sarah Parke & Mark Barrow 
Baby Alpaca Blanket: Bordeaux
Artist Bedding: CoopDPS Earth
Artist Cotton Blanket: Gravity by Kapitza
Pillows: Matt Velvet
Baby Alpaca Blanket: Green Melange XL 

Artist Wool Blankets Collection FW 18/19

The new ZigZagZurich Artist Wool Blankets Collection adds an exciting new roaster of artists from around the globe. From the experimental work of Mexico based artist Daniel Barreto to the Swiss works of Michele Rondelli and Sophie Probst. The new Collection is inspired by art & graphics - from Pop Art to Bauhaus, spray paint effects, clear and bold stripes and geometric overlapping. The new "twisted yarns" give a unique melange effect.

Sol Entre Ondas by Daniel Barreto

Gunta by Sophie Probst & Michele Rondelli 

Ombre by Michele Rondelli

Heroes by Michele Rondelli 

A faux pas by Sophie Probst

Checkmate by Michele Rondelli 

A melange by Michele Rondelli 

Bauhaused 3 by Michele Rondelli 

Bauhaused 4 by Michele Rondelli 

Design Milk

Architectural Digest - Clever






Velvet’s Back In!
The New Velvet Home Trend from the Catwalk to the Home

Checkout out our interior styling tips for this wonderful fabric. Warm and rich colours meet wonderful textures.

Velvet has once again become a trend from the catwalk into the home. Its luxurious new texture brings a touch of elegance and romance to your home, still modern, always classic.

Adding some simple home accessories can give your home a quick update. A very simple way to add style to your home is with a nice pillows combo, curtains and a throw on the sofa or bed.

The new matt Velvet Dim-out curtains combine the modern look of luxury matt velvet with a dim out curtain - by losing the shine we add a layer of sophistication to this fabric not seen on normal velvets. Our Italian woven velvet has a soft short pile which encourages the brilliant insulating qualities of this fabric.

Opting to dress your windows will also soften the lines of the room and create a focal point as well. We dye the fabric in a series of beautiful rich colours so whether hanging for curtains or cushions for sofa, our Velveteen fabric will add luxury to your home. 

So, take a look at our interior styling tips and get a new unique stylish look for your house this autumn!

Matt Velvet GREY Curtain - Grey/Brown Baby Alpaca Blanket - Matt Velvet Pillow Grey - Matt Velvet Pillow Beige - Terrazzo Velvet Pillow 

Matt Velvet Green Curtain - Matt Velvet Pillow Green - Matt Velvet Pillow Yellow - Amber Baby Alpaca Blanket

Matt Velvet Stone Curtain - Dusty Pink Baby Alpaca Blanket - Matt Velvet Pillow Stone - Matt Velvet Pillow Beige - Matt Velvet Pillow Grey 

Matt Velvet Brown Curtain - Matt Velvet Pillow Brown - Matt Velvet Pillow Stone - Terrazzo Velvet Pillow Taupe - Bordeaux Baby Alpaca Blanket 

Matt Velvet Grey Curtain - Denim Blue Baby Alpaca Blanket - Matt Velvet Pillow Yellow - Matt Velvet Pillow Blue


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