Mantra Ritam - Handmade Resin Room Jewellery

SFr. 419

The Mantra collection is a unique development using artisan workmanship to create these stunning window jewellery pieces. 

Using custom moulds, resin is poured and left to set creating the unique resin beads or jewellery pieces.  Each piece is between 4-7cm long.  Each piece is then hand finished to enable the cord to go through the middle to create the drops.

As the resin sets the uniqueness of the material comes to light, with different colours, bubbles and textures created each unique.

From here, each piece is then hand assembled into a single or dual pattern combination - again everything done by hand.  

Hang them from a window or anywhere in the house, or even use them as unique curtain tie backs as well - the real beauty

Designed by Michele Rondelli and created by hand in Turkey.

Mantra Ritam - Handmade Resin Window Bead Drops

Item Mantra Ritam - Yellow

Height -  240cm (94.4”)

Weight: 1700g/m2 (59.9oz/m2)

Cleaning like any glass, with a cloth


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